Do you want a healthier future? Are you battling diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or need to lose weight? Transitioning to a plant-based diet combined with my motivational food coaching approach will help you take control of your health and empower you to achieve lasting, life-changing results. No fad diets or quick fix promises as they simply don't work long term. Focusing on practical behavioral changes will empower you to achieve lasting, life-changing attainable results. Our science-based approach will help you to "own" the healthy future you are looking for whilst minimizing reliance on medications for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

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"I am very grateful to David for his help, patience and expertise.  Even though I have been vegan since 2006, I fell into very bad habits that I could not escape from, which resulted in a lack of energy and a weight gain of over 15 pounds.  David taught me so many things about plant-based nutrition that I never knew – and also shattered myths about food and supplements I was foolishly clinging to.  Working with David helped me create a new lifestyle – not a diet – where I was able to lose weight (and maintain it) as well as improve my energy levels. 
I am very pleased to recommend David if you’re looking for a major or minor lifestyle change.  David gave me my health back – I am so honored to share my experience with him.  It was the best gift I could have given myself.
- Michelle, May 2018


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